The modular application framework for JavaFX based on:

  • OSGi: OSGi is the de facto standard for writing modular software in Java.

  • Maven (POM-first): Drombler FX applications can be build with Maven. The build follows the standard POM-first approach (the OSGi meta data will be generated for you). A custom Maven Plugin will help you to easily create JavaFX applications with Maven. A custom Maven Archetype will help you to get started.

  • Declarative programming model: Annotations can be used at many places to register elements such as menus, toolbars and GUI components.

  • Drombler ACP: Drombler FX is a JavaFX specific extension for Drombler ACP providing JavaFX-based implementations for the abstract definitions. Read more about Drombler ACP here: Drombler ACP

  • Drombler Commons: Drombler Commons is a collection of reusable libraries and frameworks. They ship with OSGi meta data but don’t require an OSGi environment. Read more about Drombler Commons here: Drombler Commons

Drombler FX uses Apache Felix as its OSGi container by default.

As an application framework it makes sure JavaFX and OSGi will get started properly and it provides the main window.

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